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Bath and Wells MAT


Letters and Sounds

Once the children have settled in they will begin to be taught the sounds of the letters in the following order:-

s a t p

i n m d

g o c k

ck e u r

h b f ff l ll ss


Once they have learnt the first set, we will begin to segment simple three letter words and start the road to reading and spelling.  We will play lots of games practising the sounds and spend lots of time practising forming the letters in sand, paint, in the air and on paper.

As the letters are being taught your child will bring home a word booklet to practice reading. The words in this book are made up of all the sounds your child will have been taught.

Please encourage your child to practise recognising their name over the holidays.  At school your child will use our school chosen writing scheme if you would like an example of this please ask your child’s teacher.

Don’t worry if your child is not showing much interest in ‘proper writing’, remember squiggles on paper are writing to a young child.

Once at school writing takes place both formally and informally in the writing and role play areas.  Ensuring the children have experience of different forms of writing is important, these include lists, menus, letters, booking forms, diaries and imaginative writing.