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KS2 Teacher (0.2)
Lunchtime Supervisor
KS2 Teaching Assistant

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Reception Starters 2021

If your child has been offered a Reception place at Christ Church, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to our school and say how delighted we are that you will be joining us in September 2021.  

Please join us on Facebook at:
Christ Church First School Reception Starters 2021


You may like to check out our Starting School Handbook.
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Christ Church Covid letters 2021 

Letters, Risk Assessments and Plans

Letter about keeping school safe and ventilating classrooms. 
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(Dated 29/9/20)

Letter to parents of children of key workers 
and/or vulnerable children. (Dated 4/1/21)

Letter to parents of all other children
who will now do their learning at home. (Dated 4/1/21)

Letter to parents about remote learning arrangements (Dated 5/1/21)

Risk Assessment for the COVID-19 New Variant (Updated 14/1/21)

Planning for remote learning and COVID restrictions (Updated 1/3/21)

How are we spending Catch-up Premium Funding?

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Fair Frome
Food @ Five Takeaway
The Mount Community Garden 
(next to The Key Centre)

5pm every Monday.
FREE to anyone on benefits or low income.

Strict social distancing and hygiene practices will be in place and we kindly ask you help us with this to keep everyone safe.

For details, click here.

To read our latest Newsletter
for parents and carers, please  
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Somerset Coronavirus logo.JPG

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing: A quick guide

For the latest guidance from Somerset County Council, please click here.

This document includes helpful advice about symptoms and what to do and who to tell.

No scooters.JPGSorry! Due to COVID, scooters and bikes are not allowed on the school premises until further notice!


Do not post abusive or offensive comments online

no facebook 2.png

Prejudice and discrimination are wrong and will not be tolerated. Please work with us to make sure that everyone feels safe, respected, valued and welcome at our school. 

Any adults who use threatening, abusive, racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic or other offensive language when speaking/writing to, or about, any Christ Church school staff, pupils or parents/carers will be banned from entering the school premises.

Please note: this applies regardless of where or when this was said/written. This includes postings to a “closed” Facebook group.

Hate crimes will be reported to the Police.

Do not post photos online  without permission

no camera 2.png

It goes against school policy and safeguarding guidelines for anyone to post photos online without the necessary permissions. This applies to all children (whether Christ Church pupils or not) and adults (including parents and school staff).

Anyone posting photos of others online (including to a “closed” Facebook group) may have committed a crime. They will be reported to the Police. 


Christ Church C of E First School and Nursery says, “Thank you, Frome!"  

Click here to read about our partnership with Fair Frome to ensure families have enough food.

Chat Health Logo.png

Is your child 5-19? 
Are you looking for confidential 
help and support? 
Click here for information about a safe and easy way to contact your Somerset County Council School Nursing Team.

Our school’s inclusive
Christian vision

We want Christ Church to be a shining example of Jesus' love and kindness. We are an inclusive Christian learning community where everyone is welcome and valued, and all are inspired to be the best they can be. We want all children to thrive and flourish in every way, developing a love of learning, discovering their unique strengths and talents, and growing in character and confidence so that their light shines brightly for all to see.

This is what Ofsted inspectors say about Christ Church:

“ Parents are very positive about the time children spend in Nursery and in the Reception classes and have great confidence in the care their children receive ... The school’s commitment to keeping pupils safe is exemplary. The headteacher leads by example and all staff are highly vigilant ... The behaviour of pupils is good. The school is orderly and pupils are polite to adults and visitors ... Bullying is very rare and any concerns are quickly and effectively dealt with ... The most able pupils from all backgrounds make good progress ... Support programmes and progress for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are good. ”

Who are we?
Where are we?
What makes us tick?

We are proud of our school and the community it serves. We trust this website gives you a flavour of who we are, what we do and why Christ Church C of E First School really is the friendliest, most nurturing, most exciting, most ambitious first school in Somerset.

Christ Church is a Somerset County Council co-educational day school and nursery for children aged two to nine. Situated in inspiring and spacious school grounds in the south of the market town of Frome, less than ten miles from Longleat Safari Park, Christ Church provides an idyllic environment for children’s early physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We believe a great school overflows with the sound of cheerful children playing and learning with their friends. Yes, academic standards are important and learning is at the heart of all that we do, and, like other schools, we want every girl and boy to achieve their academic potential. But, at Christ Church, we believe a first class education should value excellent character (being kind, friendly and honest) every bit as much as academic effort (hard work, progress and attainment). Equally importantly: we believe school should be fun.

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    Christian values
    At the heart of all we do.
  • P1020278.JPG
    Beautiful environment
    A lovely place to learn.
  • P1020289.JPG
    We believe school should be fun
    Children love it here!
  • school grounds 1.JPG
    Out of school clubs and trips
    Amazing activities for all.
  • P1030175.JPG
    Christian values
    Nurturing curiosity, creativity, ambition and resilience.


Latest Newsletter and important letters:

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Please visit your child's class page to see class specific letters.


Open the Book stories

Revd Liz Dudley and her friends in the Benefice of Christ Church with St Mary's in Frome have kindly recorded some Open the Book story times for us all to enjoy. These are suitable for children of all ages and can be accessed for free. Click on the pictures below to hear these Bible stories.


Open the Book - The birth of baby Jesus (Christmas).png

The birth of baby Jesus (Christmas)


Open the Book - Three wise men visit Jesus (Epiphany).png

Three wise men visit Jesus (Epiphany)


Open the Book - Jesus is baptised by John.png

Jesus is baptised by John


Open the Book - Jesus calls the fishermen to be his disciples.png

Jesus calls the fishermen to be his disciples


the storm on the lake.PNG

Jesus calms the storm on the lake


OtB - Jesus and the marvellous picnic.png

Jesus and the marvellous picnic (Feeding 5,000)


OtB - Jesus and the special meal (Last Supper).PNG

Jesus and the special meal (Last Supper)


OtB - A Happy Day (Easter Sunday).PNG

A Happy Day (Easter Sunday)


OtB - Noah.png

A Special Promise (Noah and the Ark)


OtB - Joseph the Dreamer.png

Joseph the Dreamer


OtB - Moses and the Ten Commandements.png

A Long Journey (Moses and the Ten Commandments)

OtB - David and Goliath.png

David the Giant Killer (David and Goliath)


OtB - Daniel and the lions.png

Daniel and the lions


Christ Church supports Fair Frome foodbank 

To read the Frome Times (26/3/20) article, click here.

2019 end of year report from Christ Church

To read the Frome Times (2/1/20) article, click here

Christ Church shines brightly for Ofsted inspectors!

To read the Frome Times (7/11/19) article, click here.

To find out more about our October 2019 Ofsted inspection, click here.

Now That's What I Call
Christ Church!

Not every school releases an album of eight original songs but,
with the help of Andy and Tom from Rocktopus,
that is exactly what we have done!

Now That's What I Call Christ Church - CD 2019 front cover.png

Limited edition CD now available for just £9.99 
(£2.50 to school PTFA and £2.50 to Toilet Twinning)

Track titles:

1) Be a Global Neighbour

2) Everyone deserves a place to do their business
(the Toilet Twinning song)

3) I’ll be a good friend

4) Save our world today

5) Come learn with me!

6) Jesus helps us make good choices (the Zacchaeus song)

7) Say thank you! (the Ten Lepers song)

8) We can overcome our fears (the David and Goliath song)

To read the lyrics to all eight songs click here.

To listen to the whole album for FREE just click here.

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