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Just a few minutes each night makes such a difference!

Please try to read with your child for a few minutes each evening. This should be an enjoyable time that you both look forward to.  To start with, your child will have a story book to share with you. Talk to them about the pictures and encourage them to tell you the story from the pictures.  Encourage them to turn the pages, point out the title and read the ‘blurb’ on the back of the book together and discuss it first. Learning to read can be very difficult and your child needs your patience and encouragement to do so.

Your child will have a Home School reading Diary. Please sign the Home School Diary every time you hear your child read, and feel free to write comments – (we will always reply!) Please feel free to use this book for messages to your child’s teacher too.

If we all show excitement about reading, your child will be encouraged to read more.

As your child’s reading skills develop we will begin to send home a school reading book that encourages them to use the sounds they have learnt. Reading books are usually changed once a week.  Books will only be changed if your child is ready to move on.

If your child is tired, or just doesn’t want to read, just enjoy a story together or read your child’s reading book to them. Let us know, if this happens, so we can support you and your child through what is a perfectly normal stage.