What is the PTFA and what does it do?

Our school Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) is a small group of friendly Christ Church mums, dads, carers and school staff who meet together to encourage closer links between home and school, and to raise money for the school.

Although the PTFA is best known for its fundraising work, it also serves an important social function. Events provide an excellent opportunity for parents, carers, school staff and pupils to get to know each other and have a bit of fun, while raising valuable funds for the school.

Why does the PTFA raise funds for school?

The PTFA aims to provide children at Christ Church with the extra fun things that enrich their time at school and make learning more interesting and exciting. In recent years, for example, the PTFA has paid for:

  • new lunchtime play equipment
  • seating for the Nursery and Key Stage 1 playgrounds
  • theatre trips
  • computers
  • library books
  • Santa’s grotto and Christmas presents

What is the PTFA raising money for this year?

The children on School Council have asked for:

  • more play and lunchtime games equipment
  • a proper forest school area (a landscaped woodland habitat with native British trees) with a footpath, a campfire circle and den-making materials
  • an outdoor classroom (it will look like a small wooden bandstand)

They also asked for a swimming pool, go-karting track, a zip wire, a BMX track, an ice-cream machine and a popcorn maker. (Our headteacher felt that these suggestions might need to wait for another time ... and a bigger budget! )

Who decides how the money is spent?
The PTFA committee decide how to spend funds, but suggestions come from pupils (via School Council), staff, parents and carers.

  • school-grounds-1.jpg

Who is on the PTFA?

Everyone who has children at Christ Church or who works at the school is automatically a member of the PTFA and is welcome to come along to our meetings and support our activities and events. – any contribution is really appreciated.

Is being on the PTFA a big commitment?

PTFA volunteers can choose how much time they want to put in, and we are grateful for any help at all. There are many different ways you can help out, whether you have lots of time to offer or not.And, of course, you can always support PTFA events by simply turning up and/or making a donation!

How can I get involved?

Pop in to the school office and speak with Caz Stedman. Alternatively, email her at or phone her on 01373 463781.

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