School meals

School meals are free for all children in Diamond, Pearl, Amber and Ruby classes!

Children in Emerald and Topaz classes that are not entitled to free school meals, can order a hot meal for just £2.60 per day!

If your child is entitled to a free school meal but has a packed lunch, please complete the free school meals application form anyway as this will help the school receive more resources from the government, which will, in turn, help us to make Christ Church even better.

Please note: because a precise amount of food is prepared each day based on bookings, we are sorry that we cannot take lunch orders on the day. Please ask at the office if you need help ordering lunches in advance.

Menu Week One (Sept 21 - Feb 22)

Menu Week Two (Sept 21 - Feb 22)

Menu Week Three (Sept 21 - Feb 22)

Order form for lunches

Free School Meals Pupil Premium application form (doc)

Free School Meals Pupil Premium application form (pdf) 



Free school meals

Children whose parents receive the certain support payments are entitled to receive free school dinners.

Free school meals application forms/advice and help are available from the school office.

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Packed lunches

To ensure consistency and to keep packed lunches in line with food standards for cooked school meals, we welcome healthy packed lunches.

Packed lunches should not contain the following:

  • sweets
  • chewing/bubble gum
  • nuts or peanut butter (or similar nut-based spread)

Healthy drinks – These include plain water, milk (semi-skimmed), unsweetened fresh fruit juice, diluted fresh fruit juice, fruit- or dairy-based smoothies. (No fizzy/sugary/energy drinks in cartons, bottles or cans please.)

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