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Diamond and Pearl (Reception/Y1)

Reception Starters 2021

If your child has been offered a Reception place at Christ Church, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to our school and say how delighted we are that you will be joining us in September 2021.  

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You may like to check out our Starting School Handbook.
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Our teacher in Diamond Class is Miss Olivia Pope.

Our teacher in Pearl Class is Miss Tanya Robinson.

PE is taught to both classes by Mr Marc Taylor.

Both Diamond and Pearl classes are made up of a mixture of Reception and Year 1 children.

We aim to provide an excellent education which matches each child’s intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development.

Further Curriculum information may be requested from the class teacher or the school office.

Diamond and Pearl Curriculum
Current topic: Rumble in the Jungle

  • “Little Jack” story making
  • Reading focus stories such as The Night Pirates, pirate poetry
  • Making “wanted” posters to locate Blackbeard, messages in a bottle and writing recipes.
  • Talk about the marks we have written in our play. 
  • Continue to play listening games.
  • Continue to stop and listen carefully for environmental sounds inside and outside.
  • Continue daily Phonics sessions and reading/writing games.
  • Share Pirate jokes to help us develop our understanding of humour.
  • Continue to ask and respond to “how?” and “why?” “What?” “where” “when” questions.
  • Continue to use language to develop our play skills & develop a storyline in our play.
  • Continue to enjoy counting rhymes and songs
  • To continue to count reliably to 20 & understand “1 more” & “1 less” than a number
  • Addition and subtraction.
  • Solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.
  • Practically explore size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems.
  • Recognise, create and describe patterns.
  • Explore the characteristics of everyday objects, 2D and 3D shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.
  • Role play: Pirate ship,Under the Sea.
  • Exploring clay and making models inspired by The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen.
  • Design and make pirate hats, eye patches, flags and telescopes
  • Learn songs linked to our theme
  • Use musical instruments to make the sounds of the sea.
  • Look at a reproduction of Still Life with drinking horns… lobster & glasses
  • X marks the spot! Programming the beebots to find the pirate’s treasure.
  • Use technological toys.
  • Talk about technology in our lives.
  • Create our own maps and go on treasure hunts around the nursery environment.
  • Make observations of real mackerel and crabs and explain the features of the sea creatures.
  • Track and Sports Day events
  • Continue to take part in “The
  • Golden Mile” & know why daily
  • Physical activity is important for health.
  • Continue to develop control and
  • co-ordination with small apparatus.
  • Continue to use our pencils to write our letter shapes with correct formation
  • Designing & making healthy pirate snacks and think about healthy food choices
  • Continue to brush our teeth in school daily
  • What can we change? Not change?
  • How have we changed? What can we do now that we could not do when we started YR/Y1? Talk about our achievements.
  • Talking about transition to new classes.
  • Continue to talk about and follow our Golden Rules and daily routines.
  • Continue to name and explore our emotions.
  • How do we resolve conflicts? Learning about finding a compromise & negotiation.
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Class News

Diamond and Pearl Classes

To inspire the children we plan around

themes but ideas may change through observing

child-led interests and the children’s own ideas.


How to help your child
We aim to hear the children read once a week in class and we really appreciate your support in hearing them read at home too. You can keep a record of this in their Reading Record book in their bookbag.

Each time we learn a new sound we give out the sound card for children to take home. If you could practise this sound with your child this would be really helpful.

Our Year 1 children are given homework on a Friday and we like that to be returned to us on the following Monday please.

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We are currently in Year A


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