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I love it at Christ Church because...

the children in the class listen and learn.
Elliott, Year 2

we have a lot of friends and when new children join our school we make them feel welcome.
Eli, Year 4

we have lots of after school sports clubs like football, tennis, gymnastics, athletics, rounders and cricket.
Jenna, Year 4

we have toys to play with at Golden Time or at wet play.
Maisie, Year 2

we do brilliant writing work and maths work, and if we do our very best we might even get a certificate or a Headteacher's Commendation.
Sadie, Year 2

we play outside with our friends.
Declan, Reception

in our collective worship times we learn about Bible stories and children read out prayers they have written.
Lillie-Mae, Year 4

the teachers are kind and give us interesting maths work.
George, Year 2

the whole school did some work for Christian Aid about the impact of Climate Change. When we presented this to our MP, Mr Warburton, he invited us to visit him in his place of work: the ancient Palace of Westminster!
Oliver, Year 4

we enter competitions for gymnastics, drawing and athletics, and sometimes we win or come second!
Eleni, Year 4

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the Nursery children have bikes, scooters and karts in the playground.
Whitney, Year 1

we have pegs that go in holes and rubber bands to make shapes.
Aiden, Reception

we draw pictures and do writing.
Sorrel, Reception

the school is a safe place with plenty of space outside for children to play in. We even have our own orchard and Forest School area!
Charlie, Year 4

we have got computers and books to read.
Aiden, Reception & Eli, Year 4

we have a library which is full of fiction and non-fiction books to give you knowledge.
Charlie, Year 4 & Lillie-Mae, Year 4

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