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Our School Prospectus is designed to tell you what our school values are, and how and why we think they matter. It sets out what our Headteacher, Mr Kaye, stands for and believes in, and then tells you what we think we need to do to be the very best first/primary school in Somerset.

The School Prospectus contents page looks like this...

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In his “Welcome from the Headteacher” Mr Kaye writes:

“We believe a great school overflows with the sound of cheerful children playing and learning with their friends ... We know that children who are happy at school work better and achieve more than children who feel stressed and unhappy. We believe a great curriculum nurtures curiosity, creativity, ambition and resilience. Hence, we do all that we can to make every day inspiring, engaging and joyful – filled with moments of awe, wonder and wow; with lots of sticky, messy, gooey, glittery, painty, muddy activities.

In a nutshell: at Christ Church we believe children should be allowed and encouraged to be children! We don’t want or need children to grow up too quickly; we want them to savour their childhood. With this in mind, we work in partnership with parents to ensure every child makes friends, enjoys learning, experiences success and loves school. We want children to be motivated to try new things and achieve the best that they can, encouraged all the while to grow in confidence and self-esteem with enthusiasm and perseverance. After all, when children feel happy, safe and secure at school they are much more likely to accept new challenges, bounce back from difficulties and achieve their learning goals.”

Please click the link below to read more about Mr Kaye’s vision in our School Prospectus.

Christ Church School Prospectus

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