School Council

School Council elections

In September 2019, in keeping with the British values of democracy (making responsible choices), the rule of law (following school rules) and tolerance and mutual respect (being kind to others and listening to their ideas) – we held School Council elections at Christ Church C of E First School.

Children who wanted to be a School Councillor were invited to tell their classmates why they would be good at the job and to share some of their own ideas for improving our school.

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Evie G (Y2, Ruby Class)
Isla (Y2, Amber Class)
Kian (Y2, Ruby Class)
Mason (Y2, Amber Class)
Connor (Y4, Topaz Class)
Evie P (Y3, Emerald Class)
Freya (Y4, Topaz Class)
William (Y4, Emerald Class)

Why do we have a School Council?

Because children’s voices matter. It is important for grown-ups to listen to what children have to say so that, together, we can make sure that Christ Church is a safe and happy place for everyone.


What do School Councillors do?

Lots! Amongst other things, they:

  • Listen to the suggestions and concerns of other children and then bring them to meetings with Mr Kaye (Headteacher).
  • Organise fundraising activities to support our PTFA and charities.

  • Choose new play equipment for children to use and remind everyone to take care of school resources and our lovely school environment.

  • Remind everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle to save the planet.

  • Write to politicians and business leaders to pass on children’s compliments, concerns, complaints and bright ideas.

  • Organise special assemblies (e.g. Remembrance, World Book Day and St George’s Day).

  • ‚Äč‚ÄčEncourage all children in the school to share their ideas, gifts, talents and energy in order improve the school for everyone

  • Plan ways to fill playtimes and lunchtimes with fun physical activities, and make sure no one feels left out or lonely.
  • Represent our school at Pupil Parliament events in Frome and Somerset

How often are School Council meetings held?

School Councillors meet with Mr Kaye (Headteacher) every two weeks.

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