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Sparkles and Gold (Nursery)

Welcome to the Christ Church Nursery page. Our team includes ...

Nursery teachers:
* Caroline Relph

* Renee Thomas

Nursery Nurses:

* Linsey Baker

* Lucy Hampton

* Sean James

* Gemma Jeffries

* Alix Knowles

* Emma Penney (Senior Nursery Nurse)

* Claire Spencer

Further Curriculum information may be requested from the class teacher or the school office.

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    Understanding the World- Exploring ice
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    Understanding the World- Hunting for signs of winter
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    Awe and Wonder- Splashing in the puddles
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    Personal, Social and Emotional Development- working together and sharing equipment

Nursery News

Welcome to Christ Church First School Nursery!

Our modern, spacious, purpose built nursery building and extensive outdoor area provides an attractive, stimulating learning environment for children aged 2 to 4 years.

We encourage every child to play, learn and develop at their own pace, supported and nurtured by our talented nursery teacher and team of friendly, caring, experienced nursery staff.

Our orchard and play areas, together with our forest school activities, give children the freedom and opportunity to explore the world around them, discover their own interests and grow in confidence, day by day.

Our nursery is an inclusive, creative learning community with a commitment to improving outcomes for all children. To achieve this, we have the very highest expectations and ambition for ourselves and others and always put the interests of children and families first.

In fact, many of our families say that Christ Church First School Nursery feels like home and that our team feel like family, reflecting the trust and clear lines of communication which we have established over time as we work in partnership with parents and carers.

We very much look forward to meeting you.


Each morning, children have breakfast and choose a drink of water, juice or milk and then a healthy snack in the afternoon. To help us fund our daily healthy snacks and pay for baking ingredients we ask you to make a voluntary contribution of £1 a week. Many thanks to parents who have brought this in already.

Outdoor clothes

All children will need a pair of named wellies in school. These will be used when playing in the garden and also at lunch and playtimes. Warm, waterproof wellies will enable the children to play on the grass in all seasons and should help keep school shoes clean. The children also need a warm, named, waterproof coat that is allowed to get mucky at playtime. Please supply a full, spare set of named clothes as well.

Growing Overview - Spring Term 1 - 2018


  • Share our story for this term ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ Act out the story with an adult.
  • Enjoy a range of books for their own pleasure.
  • Mark making opportunities.
  • Practice writing their own name
  • Join in with Number songs such as 5 Currant Buns and 5 Little speckled frogs.
  • Play games involving counting such as Hop Scotch, Skittles and Dominoes.
  • Begin to recognise some simple shapes, square circle, triangle, diamond.
  • Begin to count to 10 accurately.

Communication and Language

Introduce and model the use of vocabulary to describe ourselves.

  • Join in with Action songs and Nursery Rhymes.
  • Begin to retell familiar stories in their own words.
  • Learn and use the vocabulary for sharing with our friends.
  • Use the correct language to ask adults for help when they need it.
Understanding the World
  • Use their senses to explore the outside world during Forest School.
  • Explore and experiment with a range of different sensory materials including sand, shaving foam, clay, rice, pasta, water, mud roc, gloop.
  • Perform some simple experiments with adults.
  • Talk about living things and the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • Talk about healthy foods and unhealthy foods.
Expressive Arts and Design
  • Role- play opportunities.
  • Make a model using a recycled materials.
  • Use and explore a range of materials powder paint, poster paint, chalk, wax crayons, charcoal, oil pastels, felt tips, marker pens, pencils.
  • Small world play- farm animals, zoo animals, dinosaurs, cars, train set, duplo, lego.
  • Use imagination in play, art, singing and action songs.

Physical Development

  • Daily music and movement.
  • Dough gym.
  • Develop skills to catch and throw a ball accurately.
  • Develop skills to kick a ball with control.
  • Pouring and serving our own snack at the table.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Continue to practice the expected behaviours for carpet time and group time. Such as listening to the speaker, eyes looking, ears listening and hands up to speak.
  • Caring for ourselves- use the toilet independently, washing our hands and getting ready for outside play.
  • Taking turns and sharing with our friends
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