Amber and Ruby (Y1/Y2)

Our teachers in Amber Class are Mrs Ali Bowden and Mr Jon Morray-Jones. Mrs Bowden is also our Deputy Head, SENCO and Key Stage 1 Leader.

Our Teacher in Ruby Class is Miss Tanya Robinson.

PE is taught to both classes by Mr Marc Taylor.

Both Amber and Ruby classes are made up of a mixture of Year 1 and Year 2 children.

We aim to provide an excellent education which matches each child’s intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development.

Further Curriculum information may be requested from the class teacher or the school office.

Amber and Ruby Curriculum

Current topics: Oceans and Seas

Story making story: The Night Pirates

Comparing different fantasy stories

Describing settings and characters.

Role play of fantasy stories.

Writing own story based on The Night Pirates.

Reading and writing sea themed poetry

Guided reading and daily phonics/spelling

Time: telling the time on a clock; dates; comparing times and finding durations of time.

Position and Direction: clockwise and anticlockwise; turns; routes and positional language.

Capacity: measuring using standard and non-standard units; comparing and ordering capacities.

Y1 : Fractions: halves and quarters.

We will be investigating materials to find the most suitable for an exploratory visit under the sea. How can we make sure we sink? What should we make our clothes from? What is the best material for a snorkel?

We will also be learning about a wide range of underwater creatures and sorting them.

We will be making range of 2D and 3D art pieces to display in class. This will include dioramas, bubble painting, line drawings, collage and blending with pastels.

We will be learning how to draw and read maps and plans when we go on a treasure hunt. We will study two different seaside locations and compare the two; looking at the habitats present, the impact of people and creating information leaflets.

Athletics: track and field activities. Practising and improving skills.

Golden Mile!


What things can and cannot change?

What things might change for us in the future?

What things change quickly? Slowly?

Why are habits difficult to change?

What can we do if things change and we are not prepared?

We will be learning about pulse and rhythm in music, including how to keep a steady beat and describing the rhythm of songs.

We will also be listening to music/sounds and responding by talking, drawing and moving.

Using computers and other technology to support work in all subjects including Virtual Learning Environment DB Primary, ActiveLearn and Bug Club.

Out theme is ‘Why is Our World

Special?’ We will think about the questions:

What do songs, poems and prayers say about God as a creator?

How do people show they care about the world?

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    Circus skills
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    We have built models of churches
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    Remembrance Day
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    Frozen role play

Class News

Welcome to Amber and Ruby News...

Summer 2 2018 theme of Oceans and Seas

Amber and Ruby class trip to Weymouth is on Monday 9th July 2018

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