Amber and Ruby (Y1/Y2)

Our teachers in Amber Class are Mrs Ali Bowden and Mr Jon Morray-Jones. Mrs Bowden is also our Deputy Head, SENCO and Key Stage 1 Leader.

Our Teacher in Ruby Class is Miss Tanya Robinson.

PE is taught to both classes by Mr Marc Taylor.

Both Amber and Ruby classes are made up of a mixture of Year 1 and Year 2 children.

We aim to provide an excellent education which matches each child’s intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development.

Further Curriculum information may be requested from the class teacher or the school office.

Amber and Ruby Curriculum

Current topics: Journeys

Storymaking story: The Sleeping Princess

Retelling using role play and puppets

Character studies good/bad

Reading and comparing a range of fairy tales

Writing own versions of The Sleeping Princess

Inventing own Fairy Tales


Guided reading

Daily phonics and spelling programme

In year 1 we will be learning to add and subtract numbers within 20; this will include using apparatus, including base ten, pictorial methods and mental strategies.

In year 2 we will be learning about multiplication and division; this will include counting groups and sharing objects, learning about arrays and using mental methods.

Properties of materials investigations: shields and lances, catapult and missile material, armour materials.

Forces to make drawbridge for castle

Designing and making group castle models, moving knights and Norman boats

Art: Developing skills in drawing; including: line, shading and texture. We will be focussing on drawing from observation, including on our trip.

In PE we will be learning a range of balances and sequences in gymnastics. We will also be learning a dance based on our History topic.

Going for Goals’

What are our goals and ambitions in school and in our lives?

How we can work towards goals

How we can overcome problems

How to ‘persevere’

Music: We will be learning about duration in music and introducing the terms legato and staccato.

Using computers and other technology to support work in all subjects including our Virtual Learning Environment DB Primary and ActiveLearn.

Questions we will be discussing:

What places are special to me? Why are they special? What places are special to members of a religious or belief community? Do they have special places, objects, pictures or symbols? How are these buildings used?

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    Circus skills
  • Amber&Ruby-Oct2016-01.JPG
    We have built models of churches
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    Remembrance Day
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    Frozen role play

Class News

Welcome to Amber and Ruby News...

Summer 2 2017

This half term we are really enjoying learning about tigers. We are learning a story called The Tiger Child and learning facts about tigers. We have also been thinking about the rainforests and what they are like. We are looking forward to our tri-golf tournament for year twos and sports day!

Spring 2 2017

We are really excited because fairy doors have appeared in our classrooms!!! We don't know who it is but we need to help them escape. We are fantastic at retelling Rumplestiltskin and do a very good creepy voice. We are also learning about Henry VIII, why he is important, and how many wives he had!

Spring 1 2017

This term we are really enjoying our Frozen Planet topic. We were very exciting to come back from the holidays to our winter wonderland role play area, with a huge igloo! We are learning about the Arctic and Antarctic and all the interesting animals that live there. We are already very good at telling our Snow Dragon story, from memory, and we are thinking of lots of imaginative ways the story could end.

Autumn 2 2016

As part of our Fairground topic, we have been very excited about learning to make sliding and turning mechanisms. We made Big Wheel and Bumper Car pictures that move. We really enjoyed our visit from a circus skills performer; we learned how to juggle, spin plates and walk on a tightrope!

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