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Your invitation to visit

There are many ways to get to know our school. Here are some of the key options.

Information mornings

The best way to get to know Christ Church is by coming to visit. Information mornings provide an opportunity for parents/carers/families to make an informal visit to see the school in action and to meet pupils and staff.

Dates of information mornings:

Autumn 2018

  • 10.30am, Mon 17th Sept
  • 11.30am, Weds 19th Sept
  • 10.30am, Fri 21st Sept
  • 10.30am, Mon 8th Oct
  • 11.30am, Weds 10th Oct
  • 10.30am, Fri 12th Oct
  • 10.30am, Mon 12th Nov
  • 11.30am, Weds 14th Nov
  • 10.30am, Fri 16th Nov

Spring 2019

  • Spring Term dates t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.

Summer 2019

  • Summer term dates t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.
  • t.b.c.

Please enquire by email to or phone 01373 463781.

Personal tours

On a personal tour you will be shown around the school, have an introductory discussion with a senior member of staff appropriate to your enquiry, and get to meet some of the children. The best time to see around is in the morning during term time, when you can meet staff and pupils in class. A personal tour normally takes 15-20 minutes. Please phone the school office on 01373 463781 for more details. There is absolutely no obligation to take your enquiry further after a visit.

Other opportunities to visit

In addition to the above, parents/carers/families are also welcome to visit us at one of our many and varied school events. These include concerts, church services, sports events, Christmas fayre and summer fete. For the dates of forthcoming events, click here. Please enquire to or phone 01373 463781.

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